Sean Thorpe

Sean Thorpe – Head of School Of Computing, UTECH

I am extremely proud to serve the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS) as your president for the period 2018 -2020, to one of the country’s premiere institution which provides through knowledge on an all matters related to technology innovation, policy, and education.

The vision for Jamaica Computer Society is to allow for a transformed knowledge innovation community where we harness the creativity power of the minds of our people through the applied use of technology to build a Jamaica and world for which we can live comfortably and raise families. The vision is well aligned with Jamaica’s Information Communication Technology (ICT) Vision 2030 that recognizes that through technology enablement we can have sustainable high impact within our social and economic environs.

As Jamaicans at home and in the diaspora together we must be a part of the digital revolution that grows the economy by extracting our fair share of the multi-billion dollar global market.

The ICT pioneers that conceptualized JCS in January 1975 had developed it with the objective “To promote the knowledge of the development and use computational machinery and techniques; and to facilitate the exchange of information and views of computational machinery”. This viewpoint ensures that JCS remains continually relevant through the applied use of the computational machinery in all areas of both our working and social lives. Several relevant examples include Agriculture, Manufacture, Light and Power, Energy conservation, Telecommunications, Health care, Banking, Government and so on.

To execute on this vision we as a national innovation community must understand as well as lead in new initiatives that stretches the borders of our computing field to become integrated across all forms of human endeavour to embrace a true Digital Transformation within the society.  This type of mind-set   encourages our collective abilities to tap into several Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in various ways. Some of the ways include but not limited to same are as follows:

  • Engage of a Technology Skills Bank to attract FDIs
  • Support the development of licensure and certification standards for professionals within the technology field
  • Encourage the promotion of innovative and transformative curriculum within our educational institutions so as to best prepare the graduates to leverage new ICT opportunities
  • Enable policies for which programs are both established and improved to make it encouraging  to entrepreneurs to start new digital product and service enterprises
  • Collaborate to ensure the cost of sharing and learning is inexpensive
  • Organise through special interest groups, ICT professional organizations and associations to support the strategy

In February 2018 at the annual general meeting, the JCS constituted one of the most vibrant JCS council of 18 members with collective ICT expertise across private, public and education industry verticals. It is my intent to provide diligent stewardship, where through consultation operate a Governing Council that will seek  grow its membership to at least 1000  ICT Jamaican professionals as a part of our growth towards realizing the Vision 2030. To achieve this end the deliberate strategy has to be one where this growth engages both resident Jamaican as well as diaspora JCS chapter communities across the USA, Canada and Europe.

The building block of any innovative organization like a JCS is to ensure that there is broadened inclusion and hence professionals from all sectors of our society are welcome to join. Hence by example we encourage lawyers, farmers, medical practitioners, students, auditors, entrepreneurs, company executives among other professionals including the average IT enthusiast to join the JCS.

We may be a small country geographically, but that puts no limitation on the size of our thinking to grow productively as a people, especially where the internet allows us equal leverage to achieve our dreams.

So I do look forward to working with all professionals in making a sterling contribution to the ICT sector and the wider society.

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